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New installations


You are sitting in front of a frosted window gazing out at your wintry lawn, with a mug of hot cocoa in your hand. Everything is warm and perfect on your side of the glass, but the slightest mishap with your central heating system could have you layering on your coats leaving you with frostbite, rather than feeling warm and comfortable. 


Whether you need a faulty radiator valve changed or have your heating system cleaned, Ardent heating is here to help and make sure you stay warm and comfortable throughout the year.

Here at Ardent heating there is no job too small. We can deliver competitive rates on all full heating installations. This Includes conventional systems, combi boliers, Bio-Mass Boilers, Solar Panels and under-floor heating. We are safe, fast and relaible. Customer service and deliverance to you is key to our success. Pop us your details for a friendly, free quotation with no obligation.